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SRIP Mentorship Programme Scholarship

We are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for early career researchers! The Society for Reproductive and Infant Psychology is offering a scholarship designed to foster collaboration and mentorship within our community. This scholarship allows mentees in our Mentorship Programme to visit their mentors at their institution and collaborate on a specific project.


Purpose of the Scholarship

The scholarship is designed to facilitate direct collaboration between mentees and their mentors, providing an invaluable opportunity for learning, networking, and career development. Through this scholarship, mentees can gain hands-on experience by engaging in a specific project, such as a publication, workshop, or symposium. Additionally, mentees will have the chance to connect with the mentor's team and develop long-term networks within the field of reproductive and infant psychology.


Who Can Apply

The scholarship is open to active mentees within the Mentorship Programme (mentees from round 1 in 2023 and from round 2 in 2024 are eligible), in collaboration with their mentor. If you are part of the programme and have a project idea that aligns with this scholarship's objectives, we encourage you to apply! The winners will be announced at the 44th Annual SRIP Conference in Dresden, Germany, and the lab visit should be completed before September 2025.

We strongly encourage applications from mentees from the Global South, as we strive to support diversity and inclusion in our field.


What the Scholarship Covers

The scholarship is intended to (partially) cover the costs associated with visiting the mentor's institution. The minimum stay is one week (5 working days).

More specifically, the mentee will receive a daily allowance to cover the cost of local public transportation, accommodation, and meals. This will be based on the recommendations for daily allowances for the EU’s COST Actions and can range between 180-222€/working day, depending on the country of the mentor’s institution. The scholarship will cover the daily allowance for 5 working days. Additionally, travel expenses up to 200€ will be reimbursed upon receiving a receipt. If your travel costs exceed this amount, full reimbursement may be possible in special cases, but you will need to provide additional justification. To do so, include an extra document with your application explaining the reasons for the higher expenses and why other payment options are not feasible.

Application Requirements

To apply for the scholarship, please submit the following:

  • CV of mentee and mentor

  • Publication list of mentee and mentor (max. 2 pages, should be limited to most relevant publications with regard to the proposed project if necessary)

  • Detailed work plan outlining the planned activities during your visit (max. 1.5 pages). The mentee should discuss this with the mentor and both parties should sign the work plan. It must also outline the preparatory steps already completed or planned for the project (such as study preregistration, data collection, etc.). Providing this information helps ensure you can make the most of your time during the visit.

  • Motivation letter explaining how the scholarship and visit would benefit the mentee’s career development (max. 1 page).


Selection Criteria

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria, each rated on a scale from 0-10:

  • Feasibility of the work plan (e.g., steps taken to prepare the project in advance)

  • Scientific/practical relevance of the planned project

  • Project’s relevance to SRIP

  • Benefit of the project to the mentee's career

  • Quality of the motivation letter


Application Deadline

Submit your application by 11 August 2024 for consideration. We look forward to receiving your applications and supporting your journey in reproductive and infant psychology!


For more information please contact Lara Seefeld, Chair of the SRIP Mentorship Programme: 

To apply, please send your complete application documents to Lara as one pdf document.      

SRIP Mentorship Programme 2024

It is with great pleasure that we announce the second round of the SRIP Mentorship Programme. The programme, which is led by a group of SRIP Early Career Researchers (ECRs), aims to support mentees in networking with and learning from mentors in the field of reproductive and infant psychology. Eligible mentees will be matched with a mentor who has similar research interests and can therefore share valuable experiences with them and answer questions about potential career paths. However, both sides can benefit from potential international collaborations, which might develop as a result of the programme.  


We are looking for applications from both mentees and mentors, who would be interested in participating in the Mentorship Programme. Mentees can be trainees/students, early career professionals, or those exploring a new facet in their career at any stage (e.g., an experienced clinician who is starting their PhD). Mentees need to be members of SRIP. Mentors can be mid- or senior-level clinicians, researchers, educators, advocates, and policy-makers and, although they are not obliged, they are encouraged to consider becoming members of SRIP.  



We suggest the mentee and mentor meet approximately four times per year, however, frequency can be decided between the pair. The meetings can take place online or in-person if circumstances permit and the mentoring agreement should preferably last for one year. After the first year, the mentors and mentees may decide to continue or discontinue their meetings. Please note that the mentor is not expected to provide exclusive support, but may also connect the mentee with other professionals in the field.  


What you need to do, if you would like to be a mentee: 

Please email Lara Seefeld ( with the following information: 1. profession (psychologist, midwife, nurse, student etc.), 2. current position/university, location, main (research) interests and 3. a short paragraph (up to 350 words) explaining why you would like to be a mentee and what you hope to gain from the program. Please also state the languages in which you would feel comfortable speaking to your mentor.  


What you need to do, if you would like to be a mentor: 

Please email Lara Seefeld ( with the following information: 1. profession (psychologist, midwife, nurse, etc.), 2. current position, location, main (research) interests, 3. the languages in which you would feel comfortable speaking to your mentee.  


Please contact Lara before 11 December 2023 with the necessary information, if you would like to apply.  

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