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Dr Emma E. Jones (Doctoral Prize Winner 2020)

Emma has worked in the Civil Service for over 20 years. Having earned her BA in Combined Studies and a PG Diploma in Spanish and Latin American Literature and Film at Newcastle University, she subsequently focussed her attention on science and attained a PG Diploma in Psychology at the University of Sunderland. Under the supervision of Dr Rosalind Crawley, Emma completed her PhD with the University of Sunderland in January 2020.

Her research explores the myriad ways that bereaved parents develop and maintain an ongoing relationship with their stillborn baby, and considers how aspects of parents’ continuing bonds experience may facilitate coping. She is keen to pursue further research into the therapeutic potential of nature following perinatal loss. Emma has also worked as part of an interdisciplinary research group exploring health professionals’ views of stillbirth management (funded by the University of Sunderland and the British Maternal and Fetal Medical Society).


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